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In all probability as you walked

through your path of life you had

moments when you felt

really proud and other moments when you


kind of guilty or even shamed I’d like

to address

in case you ever have a moment of

feeling guilty about something

I’d like to address what exactly is

guilt uh

how is it created and how is it


i know that if you go through life and

you’re carrying around guilt it can

affect you economically

because people who do tend to minimize

themselves and have difficulties

receiving money and holding onto money

and they become consumers and buyers and

altruistic givers to others to

compensate for their guilt

and so dissolving that can be very very

valuable to you

so let’s address that and let’s look at

some practical things you can do to deal

with guilt

first let’s define it guilt the way i

define it

is an assumption that you have

caused with your motor functions and

actions with some actions of your body

or at least in your memory in the past

more pain and pleasure or loss and gain

more negative than positive more

challenged and support

more risk and reward or more

disadvantage and advantage

to somebody if you feel guilty you’re


that what you’ve done has caused more

pain and pleasure to somebody

now in the universe there’s always a

balance there’s never a pain without a


there’s never a loss without a gain

there’s never a window shut without a

window opening

there’s never one side of defense all

events always have a pair of opposites

so anytime you’re carrying around guilt

it’s because you’ve assumed

that there’s still only a drawback to

the person you’ve done the action to

a loss to them so if you feel guilty

it’s wise to first define specifically

what specifically did you do

or not do in some cases that is leading

you to the feeling of guilt

maybe let me give an example maybe your

mother uh

is sick and you weren’t there for her

while she was sick

or maybe your son had a baseball game

and you weren’t able to be there for the

baseball game

or maybe you were there late at work and

a big

deal just passed by and did get to do it

because you weren’t there

anytime you think you’ve done something

that caused more pain and pleasure more

loss and gain more negative than


you could be running the feelings of


so here’s what you do identify

specifically what you feel you did

that you feel guilty about identify who


you feel is affected because guilt has a

what i call a vector a direction to it

to a specific person

or group of people find out exactly who

it is you feel guilty to

and then ask this question what

specifically is the benefits

of my action or inaction specifically to

those individuals that are being


and do not stop until the amount of


equal the amount of drawbacks and you

may have to get creative about it

and look in all seven areas of life

spiritually how did it help them

mentally how to help them in their

career how to help them

and their finances how to help them in

their family or relationships how to

help them

socially how to help them or their

physical health how to help them

just keep going around the wheel and ask

how specifically did my action or

inaction help them specifically

and don’t stop until you can see enough

benefits there and

as the benefits accumulate and as you

drop those benefits down

you’re going to discover that there is

always a benefit with every

drawback there’s always fair opposites

and once you balance that equation

you will not feel guilt you can even do

a reverse psychology and go one step


you can even ask if i had not done what

i had done

and i had done what i thought i should

have done or hoped to have done

what would have been the drawback and if

you get the drawbacks of the way you

think you should have acted

and the benefits of the way you acted

and keep doing those and asking those

questions you’ll find out that the guilt

is completely dissolvable

every week i do a program called the

breakthrough experience and every week i

help people dissolve shame and guilt

and it is such a simple thing to

dissolve and people carry around

those types of baggages for days weeks

months years or decades

and it takes minutes no more than hours

to dissolve

the quantity of lifespace and quality

questions you ask if you ask the right

questions and i just gave you those

you’ll dissolve the same guilt that

you’re experiencing

and if for some reason as you’re doing

it you’re running into a blank

because you’re holding on to the shame

and the emotions are running you instead

of your reason

and you have difficulty with that call

our offices call the democracy institute

and sign up for the breakthrough

experience that program

i teach the demartini method in and in

there there’s a specific series of

questions that we train

everybody who attends on how to dissolve

exactly that the shame and guilt that

they’re carrying around

that’s holding him back financially

holding him back feeling worthy of great


holding it back and and opportunities

shaming ill can erode

the opportunities for your life and it’s

such a simple thing to dissolve so come

to the breakthrough experience

and let me show you how to dissolve it

and that way any time it ever rises in

your life you know exactly what to do

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