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A year ago I was about to commit suicide. Here is my story. And why I am here to help you to be Bold enough to live your life 200%.

The Dream life

A years before, in 2016,  I was mostly happy.  I had a girlfriend, I had a house, I worked in bank making good money, I had a little dog and I lived in New-Caledonia.

Why is it happening to me ?

The Trigger,

All happened in one year. All started in January 2017. When my little baby dog died in suffering. I was devastated. I raised her for 8 years, she has always been here for me, and suddenly, she is not here anymore. As I am strong, I get over my pain, I forgive my girlfriend’s dog and I move on.


Then, I changed job in the bank. I had a job with more responsibilities in a new place. I get in to it, as it was totally new for me I had everything to learned. I put myself in that new job until the moment, I burnt myself.  I felt depressed. I stop working for a while.

Being rejected

This changed my behaviour. I have changed. I was not me anymore. I was tensed all the time, Never happy, always complaining. After a while, My girlfriend decided that it was to much for her.  She no longer wanted to be with me in November 2017.

Being rejected even more

And finally, On the 22nd of December last year, I had this big issue with my mum. I was in the need of reassurance and support. And at this time she was not able to give me that.

My life does not worth living

I was devastated. I did not know what to do. My life was a mess. I lost everything. The little dog I raised by hand, the girl I loved, and at this moment, I felt rejected by my own mother. I thought to myself : “Your life does not worth living, you better end it”. At this time I wanted to ended the suffering.

So, I locked myself in my living room. Closed all shadows. Put those three objects on the tea table. And I just spent 15 or 17 hours, sitting here and thinking about my life. How a failure it was.

Those three objects were :

  • A bunch of anxiolytic box;
  • A big knife;
  • The last book I read.

At this time, I was thinking on the best way to end my life without disturbing others. I was asking me questions like :

  • What would happened if I take the pill, and I only fall asleep ?
  • Will it be painful if I put the knife in my heart ? And how long will it take for me to die ?
  • Do I need to write a goodbye letter ?

That kind of crap you tell yourself.  Until, I realised, I just read this book. Like, suddenly, I was looking at this book. And I started to remember all the things I have read in it. And I asked myself one question, one question that changed my life.

What this Guy would have done if he were me ? 

And this guy was Tony Robbins. The book I have just read was “Unlimited Power”.

So, right after asking myself this single question, I was thinking, ok what I have to loose anyway ? So I get to my computer, and I booked for Date With Destiny in Cairns, Australia. In the main time, I also book for Unleash The Power Within in Sydney, Australia. And of course, fly tickets and all accomodations. At this time, I was broke. I have no money.

Now, it is time to make it happen

First step : Make money

I was determined to see what he has to offer. So I manage to make that happen. My first action was to make money fast. So I sold my car and mostly all my furnitures. So now I have a good amount of money. I still have a loan but my credit card will be paid.

Second Step Improve my English

At this time, I knew English from His School and some English school I have been when I was 15. It was 22 years ago. So I remember the basics things like : “My name is Gaël, i come from Noumea”, “Where is Bryan?”, “Bryan is in the Kitchen”, “How much is for this shirts?”, “Sorry, i do no understand English”. Useful isn”t it ? 🤣 . I decided that I need to understand what the big guy will say during the event. So I started to watched every youtube video on him, I watched several time “I am not your Guru” on Netflix. I have been to meetups to speak English in New-Caledonia.


The journey is the goal

By doing all that to make this happen, I started to realise that life was fulfilling. I get my strength back. I get Strong again. So I get more into it. I start doing some video on my facebook page to share my thoughts, I start doing sport again like biking, walking and windsurfing. Each day, I was counting days before the event. That makes me so excited and in the same time, I was expecting answers.

Date With Destiny, Cairns Australia 2018

At least, the event! I arrived at Cairns, I was on my own. No one to share and I know nobody here in Cairns. It was impressive for me, I was a bit afraid as well. What if I do not get what I came for ? I had big expectation for that event.

So, as I get my strength back, I decided to meet new people, to improve my English even more. To make sure, I would get the most out of this event. So when I was queuing, I talked to every single person who was next to me. I met the most extraordinary people here. I met such beautiful souls. Even now we are still in touch.

How a single question could change a life.

I could not describe the event here, and I want you to live your own experience. And what I can share with you is what I get from this event. Tony Robbins, through Date With Destiny, helped me realised that my strength did not come from anger, which I thought during mostly all my life it was. I had always believed that feeling I had inside me was anger. That feeling needs to be contained. What I realised was that feeling was “LOVE”, the most powerful feeling in the Universe. This feeling that drive my strength all my life was LOVE. It was not something that needed to be buried or hidden. It is something to be shared and spread. I also realised that I was born as a Leader. I am here on Earth on a purpose, and this purpose is to Inspire people.

This WHY, I become a Coach, to inspire people, this is WHY I wanted to be an International Speaker and this WHY I wanted to become a Tony Robbins Trainer.    =-  Gaël

Originally posted @ Gael Tigalleau


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